Dotnet development in Windows 8

As we know that tomorrow’s future is in mobile apps, so we have to grow along with the technologies, For that Microsoft is giving another platform for the Dotnet developers to build the windows apps as well as mobile apps.People (mainly dotnet developers) started hearing from long back; Microsoft is coming up with something extra in Windows 8. Yes it is…. Microsoft is ready with the new version of OS “Windows 8”. Also they will have a question in their mind “how will be the Dotnet development in Windows 8  ?”. Okye , let us see what is new in Windows 8 for visual Studio developers.We can create our on windows app in windows 8 and we can deploy the same in the app store for Metro apps.

Basically we can say that Microsoft is going to make the “Future” bright :). Got bit confused!! . Wait I will tell you what it is; here Microsoft is mainly making use of HTML5+ and JavaScript. I know this is bit panic to the dotnet developers, becuase we spent lot of time to learn the new technologies which is coming to the market, once we are master in those technologies bye the time new technology will come and hold the place 🙁 :(. Same thing is happening here. And also it is a good news for the developers those who are expert in JavaScript 🙂 🙂 , you people can be the masters in Metro apps easily.

First itself I want to pass a message to you all “Metro apps do not replace desktop app.” that is as simple as, Windows 8 will fully support the desktop application which is created from framework 4.5 or below, but these app will not sit in to Metro app. Here I think you got my point, ultimately Metro app and windows app are different. And one more thing I want to tells you that our normal desktop application also will get support from Windows 8 well and good.

Microsoft says, Silverlight developers will have a much easier time writing Metro apps than desktop developers, as they would already be used to all the principles of sandboxing and separation introduced with Silverlight.But the behaviour of the Metro XAML is different to WPF or Silverlight XAML, So the similarities is just only in the way how both are working. Another difference of the Metro apps from the desktop apps is, you will get lot of class libraries in Metro apps comparing to Desktop app for developing the application.

New design principles and touchscreen interface for Metro applications demanding a completely new UI. Will be able to re-use parts of your application packaging pure logic program, but everything else will need to be written from scratch. Has taken Microsoft the opportunity to remove a full range of types and methods of the window Metro outdated or break sandbox (synchronous APIs), and if you use this, you’ll have to rewrite the use of alternatives, if they exist at all, to move your applications to the Metro.

Let me tells you once again “Metro apps do not a replacement for desktop app.” and vice versa . So we (dotnet developers) don’t want to be panic on this. But if you wan to master in Metro apps there no time to waist!! Grab HTML5/css3/JS .

In my next blog I will tell you about how to create and deploy an app.

All the best !!!..

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