how to write IIS log to Event Tracing for Windows

Internet Information Services (IIS) in Windows Server 2012 provides the basic recording capabilities . However , because IIS takes some time to flush records to the disk , it may not be for officials permission to access the registration information in real time. In addition, the log files can be text-based and can be difficult to I’m given the option to record activities in to Windows IIS impact event takes a long time.Let us see how to write IIS log to Event Tracing for Windows?

In IIS 8.5, an administrator has the option to log on to send event information to search for the missing operating system Windows (ETW). This option gives the administrator the ability to use standard query tools , or create a custom display tools for real-time recording information in ETW. This provides a significant advantage to analyze text log files that are not updated in real time . For more information about ETW, see Event Tracing

Here below I am givng the steps.

1) Open IIS Manager.
2) Select the server or site in the Connections pane,then doubleClick on Logging. If you configure logging for a site, then that configuration applies to the site also how you configure logging at the server level. If you configure logging for the server, then the configuration will be applied to all newly created sites on the server and any sites for which you have not configured site-level logging.
3) In the Format field under Log File, make sure that W3C is selected.

4)Select W3c logging file format
Under Log Event Destination, select ETW event only, or, if you want the log information sent to both ETW and the log file, select Both log file and ETW event.

5)Select log destination
Use any of the publicly available tools to query ETW for events. For example, Message Analyzer can be used by configuring it to query the “Microsoft-Windows-IIS-Logging” provider.

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