HTTP error 405.0- Method Not Allowed “invalid method (HTTP verb)” when POSTing a form

Many times I came across this ‘HTTP error 405.0- Method Not Allowed “invalid method (HTTP verb)” when POSTing a form’ , I spent lot of time to resolve this issue 🙁 , and Finally I got the solution. I hope this solution will definitely help those who are struggling with the same.

Issue :
When I am trying to Post a request to a DLL which is protected by ISAPI filter. I am getting the error as HTTP error 405.0- Method Not Allowed “invalid method (HTTP verb)”.

1. Make sure that you had selected these below given option while configuring the
2. Go to RUN >> INETMGR>> select the Handler Mapping option as given it in the below image.three
3.Here you can see that CGI-exe and ISAPI-dll as disabled.  Right click on that and select the option ‘Edit featured permission’.
4. Now you will get a pop-up window, give the execute permission also.four





Happy coding 🙂 🙂 !!!


  1. kaleem khan

    hi sir,
    I am create new website in bigrock domain company as(
    and i have hosting plan in same company, and I edited the html and upload it to the server via ftp client, now the problem is,,,, I can’t recieve any mail from my web contact form till then. Please tell me whats wrong with my site. Well I am new to the web world.
    sorry for my english.
    I Hope you understand my question

  2. Inessa Pokromkina

    Dudes! Is that a windows` problem?
    Why I get the same on Linux? And how to solve?

  3. Salman Baig

    I have followed these steps but still having this error


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