How to improve/increase the performance of a web application?

How to improve/increase the performance of a web application?Here I am describing easy ways to improve the performance of a web applications. Here I am talking in perspactive of application which will be hosting on IIS. Here I splitted into 3 part. 1) Web.config performance tuning 2) Page level performance tuning 3) IIS performance tuning 4)sql performance tuning.These are the typical optimization tips for web application.

First we are talking about web.config optimization tips.

a. Turn off Tracing unless until required.
<trace enabled=”false” pageOutput=”false” writeToDiagnosticsTrace=”false” traceMode=”SortByTime” localOnly=”true” />

b. Turn off session state in web.config file if there is no sessions.
Locate the <sessionState> section, and set the mode value to Off

c. set debug=false
<compilation defaultLanguage=”c#” debug=”false”>

d. Increase the Pool “Packet size” for transferring large blob or image fields
In connection string set “Packet Size= Required number”. Performance decreases if the Packet size is huge for small amount of data transfers.

2) Page level performance tuning.

a)Make Fewer HTTP Requests.
Every HTTP request has overhead, including searching the DNS, creating a connection, and waiting for a response, so trimming the number of requests can reduce unnecessary overhead.

b)Make JavaScript and CSS external.
JavaScript and CSS files are cached by the browser, So using external files generally produces faster pages. And use CSS in the top of
the page and add Javascript bottom of the page. Dont use the duplicate javascript.

d)Kill  unwanted objects.
dont keep your oblect alive, once the use.It will eat you memmory.

e)Avoid Recursive Functions / Nested Loops.
f)Make AJAX Cacheable.
g)Use early binding in Visual Basic or JScript code.
h)Use “array Lists” in place of arrays.

3) Tips for IIS performance tuning.
Internet Information Services (IIS) exposes numerous configuration parameters that affect IIS performance. This topic describes
several of these parameters and provides general guidance for setting the parameter values to improve IIS performance. more……

4)Tips for sql performance tuning.
Here I am giving you some points , which yo need to keep in your mind while working with SQL. Let us see how best we can do the SQL
Optimization . more……

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