What is new in IIS 7.5 ?

What is new in IIS 7.5?

I know this is bit late to tells you regarding the features of the IIS 7.5. As we all knows that Microsoft is ready with IIS 8 along with the windows server 2012. We all know, in IIS 7.0 there are many changes in architecture  compared with IIS 6.0, here in this blog I will explain about the new features which is introduced  in IIS 7.5  in a precise manner. I  this  blog will help you to understand the features in IIS 7.5.

FTP service
IIS 7.5 has come with a new feature called FTP service using which developers can publish the pages to the Web server where IIS is hosted. Even IIS 7.5 and its functions, and FTP server now more reliable and safer than ever before.

Integrated extensions

We all know that was introduced and modular architecture with IIS 7 where we can write our custom modules using public APIs expansion and integrate with IIS by replacing existing units with. IIS 7.5 provides still provides the flexibility and the same option also enhances the existing units.

Graphical Configuration Editor

Using this new tool in IIS 7.5 we can view and edit the settings configuration in the Web.config file server, which makes the task easy administrator. Used in the earlier we open the files and edit the configuration information.

Filter application easy

And carried out the liquidation of a previous request by editing configuration files on the server. And can now be done through the use of standard GUI interface in IIS 7.5 and make the process simple. Configuration Editor user interface accessories that will help you manage request filtering rules, FastCGI, and application settings and ASP.NET.

PowerShell interface

In previous versions of IIS, and managers work on the command-line options to manage the server. Now PowerShell interface newly introduced and administration functions easy to manage IIS server. With this new feature, managers can easily manage Web applications and the server.

Best Practices Analyzer

This is another management tool introduced in IIS7.5 which helps to clear the configuration settings of the server and determine whether there were any defects configuration.

Hosting improvements

Now possible with the new improvements in IIS 7.5 other types of web applications such as PHP also hosted.

To search for PHP applications

IIS 7.5 can be enabled applications now support PHP using FastCGI module, and tracking for PHP applications in this release. With this new feature, developers can easily explore and find where the request has failed. This feature is called failed request tracing for FastCGI.


In this article a glimpse we had of the new features introduced in IIS 7.5. Despite the absence of changes much architectural and technical focus was mainly on the IIS management tools make the job easy official. Happy reading!

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