what is new in visual studio 2012 ?

Microsoft is released Visual Studio 2012 for improvising the productivity of developers, testers and management as well. Really this new version is giving lot of opportunity for the developers to explore themselves. Microsoft is added may more features in vs2012 for deliver a perfect code in short period of time. This platform helps teams to minimize risk, streamline interactions, and reduce waste throughout the software development and delivery process. Microsoft provided the new features for MVC4, WindowsAzure, and the big addition METRO App Development .I cannot include all the new features here, so here I will talk in perspective of development.Let  us see what is new in visual studio 2012 ?(new features in visual studio 2012). And the  development in  visual studio  2012 and how  visual studio  2012 will help to dotnet developers.

As you all knows, Microsoft is introducing Metro App in their latest OS Windows8. If you would like to create a Metro App, then you have to work with VS2012 without any compromise 🙂 .And VS2012 made its UI  as simple for increase the performance .
1 ) Solution Explorer.

Here first itself I would like to tell you, Solution explorer itself is giving many more features compare to VS2010. Let’s have a look to the new solution explorer of visual studio 2012.

a) Quick launch->if you want refer a peace of code from a particular file  you don’t want to open the same. Just keep your mouse pointer on the file which you want to check, it will get opened in a preview format.

b) Search -> If you want to search a particular file from the solution , just type the file name in the search text box which is there in the solution explorer, you don’t want to go and find it manually.

c) Solution Navigator->in the new enhanced Solution Explorer, you can be navigate to file internals i.e. class, interface etc. You will also be able to navigate to the class internals like properties, methods, events etc.

d) Image Thumbnail ->in the solution explorer, we can add Images as like previous version. But in vs 2012 the moment you bring your pointer on the image you can see its thumbnail image. It make easy to identify the images .

e) Page Inspector->in vs 2010 and below version it was very difficult to find witch part of the code is responsible for the HTML being generated. Here comes another useful feature to inspect a specific page,   right click on the page which you want to inspect. Then click on the option “View in Page Inspector”. It will help us to save our time to inspect a page. in previous versions if want to do the same , we need to  “stop” and “run “the application after doing the changes. This exercise itself taken long development hours of mine 🙁 .

2) SQL Refactoring

Can you just think how much time you switch the windows between” visual studio” and “sql server “ while working :):):)  . Now you are realizing this right! :). vs 2012 is giving a feature to overcome this. Here in vs 2012 we have   “localDB” ,which is an  integrated database , it’s just like sqlExpress . you can create your own database in localDB and once you did the changes (even modification in existing database  ) you can add it in the server. Also  we can connect with the existing database which is there in the server .And we can add/modify the tables , trigger, stored procedure etc. from the visual studio itself. I am guarantying that these option will help you to reduce the development hours.

3) CSS

a) intellisense> visual studio introduced intellisense feature in css3 .

b) Color picker -> color picker components integrated with css.

c)multiple browser support -> It is a frustration , we made a changes in page and  it is reflecting in IE but not in  Firefox or in other combination .to overcome this we have an option in visual studio. Just press the tab key twice. You will get the appropriate code for the different browser. It’s really cool 🙂 .

4) JavaScript

a) intellisense> visual studio introduced intellisense feature in JavaScript.

b) Function pointer -> we have an option in c# , just right click on the function and click on the “go to definition”. Same feature we have in JavaScript also  in visual studio 2012. Just select the function and press F2 key. Tats it :)., It will lead you even the method definition is in different files

c) Introduced additional run-time constraints and error-checking into your code.

d) JavaScript debugging.

5) HTML5

a) intellisense> visual studio introduced intellisense feature in JavaScript.

b) Tag renaming ->  if you have added a <div id=”div1″>dotnetstock</div>. After writing you felt instead of div you must take a span, the moment to change the div  to span ,automatically the closing tag will be changed to </span>. This will help the developers from getting the UI issues because of the closing tag missing.

6) Multi Browser support ->A developer always need to test his/her application in different browsers. So if they want to switch one browser to another they have to go and change the setting and everything. Here In visual studio 2012 you don’t want to any kind of exercise ,give this work also to IDE :)So you don’t want to do anything more. Just select the browser and run the application :). This will save our precious time 🙂

7) Work with different framework -> in a solution we can have the projects which is there in different framework. Ultimately at a time we can work with different the project which is in different framework from a same solution.

8) Improved page load time when referencing JavaScript and CSS files. We can combine separate JavaScript and CSS files and reduce their size for faster loading through bundling and minification.


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