How to whitelist an IP address in IIS?

Here I would like to give you a brief explanation on How to whitelist an IP address in IIS?. In certain cases, from the server side we have to whitelist some particular IP or Some IP series . So here I am going to tell you that how can you achieve that. Even using the same method you can deny the entry from specific IP of from specific IP series. So please follow the steps which I given below.How to restrict entry from specified IP address? How to Deny the entry from specified IP address in IIS?


1) goto RUN->inetmgr

you will be reaching to the below given screen,From there select IP address and Domain Restriction.first

2)Click on Edit Feature Settings…

you will get a pop up(given below).From the dropdownlist select Allow or Deny.If you want to whitelist the Ip select Allow. If you want to deny the entry from specified Ip then go for Deny.Then click on ok


3)Click on Add Allow Entry.

From this Pop up you can give the IP address which you want to whitelist.If you want to whitelist the specified range, then click on IP address Range.then click on OK..


If you want to Deny the IP Address then do the same after clicking Add Deny entry.  🙂



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