What is Address in WCF? What are the type of Address in WCF?

What is Address in WCF? What are the type of Address in WCF? In WCF every services are associated with unique address. The address provided two imported elements . the location of services and the transport protocol which will help to communicate with the services .WCF support the following transport schemes. Here is the answer for what are the supported transport protocol in WCF.

  • TCP
  • IPC
  • Peer Network
  • MSMQ
  • Service BUS.

Let us see here what is the format of an address in WCF ?Address always have the following format. [transport]://[machine or domain][:optional port]. ex:https://localhost:82/MyService

What is HTTP/HTTPs Address ? We typically use HTTP/HTTPS Address with Outward-facing Internet-based services, and we can specify the port number too.

What is TCP Address ? TCP address use net.TCP for transport and typically include a port number, as in:net.tcp://localhost:8002/MyService If the port number is not specified , the tcp address defaults to port 808

What is IPC Address ? Inter Process Communication use net.pipe for transport.To indicate the use of Windows named pipe mechanism, In WCF, services that use IPC can only accept calls from the same machine.Consequently, you must specify either the explicit the local machine or the localhost for the machine name , followed by the unique string for the pipe name.


What is MSMQ Address ? MSMQ uses the net.msmq for the transport.To indicate the use of Microsoft Message Queue.Here you must spacify the Queue name. If you are working with Private queue , you should specify the Queue type also.


What is Service Bus Address ? Windows Azure App Fabric Service Bus Address ues sb,http or HTTPS for transport and must include the service bus address along with the service namespace.


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